Sex is.

I like showers because it is the most pleasurable thing I feel in a day. I’ve taken three long warm showers today. I am in a long term relationship and I am “sexually friend zoned.” We only have sex when we get especially drunk or on those mornings when we find ourselves miraculously having sex. Like friends that periodically fuck.

We are in a great, stable, open, communicative relationship. It just so happens that our sex lives revolves around the Mayan Long Count calendar.

We openly discuss our lack of sex and my partner’s general lack of interest in sex and why that may be.

Answers only amplify the question. They’re tired after 8PM. They’re in graduate school. Not horny. Cuddling is just so great.

I get home from work at 9PM. We go out to bars at 10PM. To dance.

They have a lot of free time. I don’t always work.

They masturbate.

Cuddling is just so great.

I suppose communication is great. Solutions are better. And sex is.